Active in the manufacture and assembly of micro-components, KIF Parechoc is recognized as a reference in the Swiss watchmaking industry for its unique know-how in the manufacture of shock absorbers, raquetteries, mobiles and turned parts. KIF Parechoc has promoted three directors at the head of the company to ensure a gradual transition before the departure of Cyrille Mathieu, its CEO, who was recently called to new functions within the Acrotec Group.

The internal and external developments with the companies of the group, allowed the company to reach its current size. Let’s take a look back at the development of KIF Parechoc over the last ten years:

  • Significant investments in production and control resources in order to have an extremely efficient industrial tool.
    Integration of more than 100 new screw machines since 2018.
    Ability to produce almost all types of movement components.
    Positioning among the leaders in the high-end screw machine sector.
    Synergy with many partners of the Acrotec group in order to deliver complete functions to its customers: mobiles, assembled masses with ball bearings and complete barrels.
    Quality culture and ISO 9001 certified organization.
    Innovation and the search for performance, pillars of the company’s DNA, have enabled KIF Parechoc to constantly advance its businesses and the products offered to customers.
    Inauguration in 2018 of its second production site in Le Brassus.
    Construction of a new factory soon to be operational (mid-2023) which will allow KIF Parechoc to modernize its work tool, to meet the demand and to prepare the future.

CEO of KIF Parechoc for many years, Cyrille Mathieu has just been appointed head of the Watch and Jewelry division of the Acrotec Group. “This position requires him to take a step back at KIF Parechoc, even though he retains his title of CEO. I will remain at the head of KIF Parechoc for the time being,” explains Cyrille Mathieu, “but I will take a step back to manage this natural transition with my managers and to oversee the company’s strategy. It is a thoughtful succession that puts in place its driving forces imbued with the DNA of the company.”

To steer KIF Parechoc and manage the operational side, a triumvirate of directors has been put in place since February 1, 2023 with the following functions, a management model similar to that of the group with its three divisions:

  • Yoann Canon, Operations Director, at KIF since 2015 as Quality Manager, Industrial Organization Manager and then Industrial Director.
  • Thomas Ciciulla, Sales Director, with KIF since 2016 as Sales Manager. Also Sales Manager of Watchdec since 2020 and mu-Dec since 2022.
  • Pascal Brubacher, Industrial Director, at KIF since 2009 as Turning Manager then Production Manager.

From left to right: Cyrille Mathieu, Yoann Canon, Thomas Ciciulla. Pascal Brubacher

KIF Parechoc employs almost 200 people who deploy numerous high precision technical skills with a fleet of 300 machines. A successful team that ended the year 2022 with a growth of 10% and similar prospects for the current year.

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