Screw head shapes

Screw head shapes
  • Cheese head screws A
  • Raised countersunk screws B
  • Saucer screws C
  • Shoulder screws D
  • Pivot screws E

Type of thread

Rolled screw thread

  • Better mechanical resistance because the thread is formed by compressing the material.

Whirled screw thread

  • A single plunge milling operation allows the creation of a full thread flush with the side for obtaining high-quality surfaces.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Screw finishes

  • Brushing
  • Sandblasting
  • Barrel polishing
  • Black polishing or mirror polishing (top of the range)

Surface treatments

  • Heat treatment
  • Galvanic treatment (nickel, gold plating)
  • Bluing (for steel screws)

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